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Airway Reconstruction
Dr. David Opperman is one of only a handful of fellowship-trained surgeons working in the field of ENT in the United States. He receives referrals from all over the country for patients in need of airway reconstructive surgery. Airway reconstruction can be indicated for those with conditions ranging from severe sleep apnea to damaging larynx (voice box) blockage.

Dr. Opperman has years of experience working in the diagnosis, recommendation and surgical procedures involving airway reconstruction including laryngeal tracheoplasty and tracheostomy. If you are faced with problems that may be congenital, environmental or other kind of damage and are considering airway reconstructive surgery call the Colorado Voice Clinic today to schedule a consult with Dr. Opperman at 303-844-3000.

Contact us today for more information about Dr. David Opperman and his experience in this area.
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