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Earache or Blockage? How to Clean Your Ears - Ear Health Part 2Pain or blockage in your ears can be both painful and annoying. Often caused by an excess of ear wax production, and the use of objects like q-tips that push wax further into the ear canal, the blockage can often be accompanied by difficulty hearing, itching, and sometimes dizziness, which should be addressed by an ENT specialist. There are some at-home remedies to help move things along though.

When your ears are feeling a bit more full than usual, try to break up the excess ear wax with some of the following gentle at home remedies:


1. Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Mix a 50/50 solution of water and 3% hydrogen peroxide into an ear dropper (available at your local drug store). With head tilted, drop four to five drops of the solution into the effected ear and let the solution sit for ten to fifteen minutes. Now, tilt your head in the other direction and let the solution drain out of your ear. Flush out the excess solution gently with warm water.


Hydrogen Peroxide for Ear Wax Removal

2. Olive Oil

A soothing way to soften ear wax is with warm olive oil. Gently warm a half full ear dropper of olive oil inside hot water (not boiling). Test the oil on your wrist first to make sure it is not too hot for your sensitive ear skin (it should not feel much warmer than your natural body temperature). Once to temperature, lie down with your head tilted and drop three to four drops of the warm oil into the effected ear. Keep a paper towel next to your ear to catch any drips.

Let the oil sit in your ear for ten minutes then tilt your head the opposite direction to let the oil and wax drip out. Once you think all the oil has dripped out, rinse gently with warm water.

Olive Oil for Ear Wax Removal- Professional Voice Blog

3. White Vinegar & Hydrogen Peroxide

Similar to #1, however introduce white vinegar to the mix. The vinegar will help to break up the ear wax and disinfect the ears. Combine a 50/50 solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide with white vinegar into an ear dropper and drop into the ears. Allow to sit for ten minutes before tilting and rinsing.

Side note, you can use the same mixture to clean your clogged drains... So we see where this principal derived from.

Professional Voice Blog - How to Safely Remove Ear Wax At Home

4. Warm Water

If your ears are sensitive to any of the above-mentioned ingredients, or if you don't have any on hand, water is your best option. Gently heat water and transfer to your ear dropper (if you do not have a dropper, anything that can provide a gentle, steady drip will work). Be sure to test the water on your wrist for heat levels before placing in your ear.

Drop four to five drops of warm water in the effected ear and let sit in your tilted position for four to five minutes (once the water cools the effect will wear off). After five minutes, tilt your head to let excess water and wax drip out, then repeat as many times as necessary before you stop seeing results (wax particles).

For more information on ear health, or general ENT health questions, please contact your local specialist.

Professional Voice Blog - What is Ear Wax and how NOT to Clean Your Ears

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