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Got Milk? Why The Popular Beverage Can Ruin Your PerformanceIt's a fairly popular beverage in recording studios and prior to shows, but that milk you may think is soothing your voice may actually be negatively effecting your performance.

Some Like it Hot

Drinking warm or even hot milk will produce a thick layer of phlegm that will hinder your ability to speak or sing clearly. The best choice is always water, which will clear your throat and avoid the thick phlegm layer that can hinder your singing voice.

The Quick Fix

If you've made the mistake of coating your throat with a warm glass of milk, gargle with this delightful mixture:

1/4 teaspoon baking soda
One cup warm water
Sip a small amount and gargle at a high pitch, which cause your vocal cords to contract and rise closer to where you are gargling.

Do this several times until you feel that your throat is no longer coated.

Milk is not always the best option for singers...Never before a show!
Milk is not always the best option for singers...Never before a show!

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