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Hmmm? – Proper Humming Techniques to Warm Up Your Professional VoiceProperly warming up your voice is one of the most important thing you can do for your professional pipes.

One easy and effective way of warming up your vocals is humming. Humming may seem like a simple exercise, however there is a correct and incorrect way to perform this most basic of warm ups.

So how do you properly "hum"?

Place the tip of your tongue at the back of your bottom row of teeth, open your mouth and repeat the sound ‘Hee’.
Relax your jaw and tongue, and close your mouth,

Repeat the sounds ‘NNNNnnnnnnn’ & ‘MMMmmmmmmm’, alternating until you feel a deeper tone and slight vibration through your tongue, teeth and nose.

One of the most common mistakes made when humming is misplacing your vocal positioning and humming too low on your register via your throat. Performing this exercise too low can cause tension in your vocals and is not the correct way to sing for "true resonance".

Try this solution from MusicFolder.com:

Try asking a question-- “Hmmm?”. As your pitch gets higher, you’ll feel the vibrations of the “hmm” move upwards. They’ll pass the nose, the eyes, and move towards the top of the head. This resonance is very similar to and echo – and the different pitches reverberate inside our skulls differently!

Now think it over and say “Hmmm…”

Let your pitch move downwards. Feel the vibrating sensations of sound move down toward the chest. You just did a super-simple vocal warmup!

Humming is such an important vocal exercise to master because humming focuses on pitch rather than phrasing or enunciation.

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