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Post Super Bowl Party Acid Reflux? We Have a Tasty RemedyFeeling a little bit rough after the big game? Whether you suffer from heartburn or not, you more than likely didn't do your body any favors with the spicy, fatty, and heavy foods that we love to indulge on during the Super Bowl.

If you happened to have a few too many wings, here is a delicious remedy that will help sooth that acid reflux and get your ENT system back on track!

Acid reflux is when the acid from your stomach makes its way back up your system and into the esophagus. The excess acid in your system can cause burning all the way from your stomach, to your chest, and up through your throat; often accompanied by bloating, unpleasant (for you and those around you) burping, and even snoring (especially if you eat too close to bed time).

Over-the-counter remedies such as antacid tablets or prescription drugs can be used to effectively treat the acid reflux, however a healthy and natural remedy may be gentler on your body and much healthier (not to mention tastes far better).

Here is one of our favorite recipes for fighting acid reflux and soothing your throat if your acid reflux is flaring up:


1 Cup Low Fat Greek Yogurt - Choose one with probiotics. The probiotics in the yogurt will help your acid reflux.

2 Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar - ACV contains pectin, which naturally burns fat and aids in digestion--this will help to calm your stomach and alleviate any discomfort caused by acid reflux.

1 Cup of Fresh Pineapple - Fresh pineapples and pineapple juice contain bromelain, a powerful protein-digesting, or proteolytic, enzyme that reduces muscle and tissue inflammation, fluid retention in the nasal membranes (for allergy or sinusitis sufferers) and can even be used to aid in digestion.

1/3 Cup of Aloe Vera Juice (1 filleted aloe vera leaf) - The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera will help soothe your system and also boost your immune system.

Add in water if the smoothie mixture is too thick. Avoid sweeteners, as they will only increase the acid production in your stomach.

Mix and Enjoy!

If you have problems related to acid reflux, call us or make an appointment at the Colorado Voice Clinic.
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