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Stamina-Boosting & Calorie Shredding Treadmill HIIT CircuitJust like an athlete requires stamina to perform on the court, the field, or pitch - a professional vocalist also requires stamina to maintain a top quality vocal on stage, at the podium, to get through a high intensity performance, or rigorous tour or campaign schedule.

Once your body has built up its stamina, not only will you be able to withstand longer workouts, but your voice will be able to function at its best throughout even the most rigorous tour schedule, campaign, or lecture.

Have you ever tried to hold a conversation while jogging with a friend, or grab a phone call mid-run? Well, you don't want to be panting or gasping for breath mid-song or speech if your body isn't up to the task. The best way to increase your vocal stamina is to increase your fitness level with a proper cardiovascular training regimen.

One of the best ways to build stamina and your fitness level is with an exercise program with that focuses on cardio. One of our favorite ways to build your body's cardiovascular health is with high intensity interval training (HIIT). A HIIT cardio workout will take your body through high intensity exercise to low intensity exercise, increasing and decreasing your heart rate - which will not only get your heart-rate pumping, but your body will continue to burn calories even after your workout is complete.

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Another bonus of HIIT is that this workout is designed be quick, so even if you have a 60-hour work week, you can fit in an extremely effective HIIT session. Our HIIT workout is designed to last only 30-minutes, and best done first thing in the morning - the perfect workout for the busy professional.

Not only will this session get your vocal stamina in top shape, but your waistline will thank you. In this short, 30-minute session you can burn over 300 calories depending on your height/weight.

HIIT Treadmill Workout

Week 1

30-Minute Stamina-Boosting Treadmill HIIT Workout

Minutes 1-5 : Walk 3.5mph at a 7.5 incline

Minutes 5-8: Jog 5mph at a 5.5 incline

Minutes 8-10: Run 6mph at 4 incline *maintain this incline until the cool down*

Minutes 10-12: Walk 3.5 mph

Minutes 12-14: Run 6.5mph

Minutes 14-16: Walk 3.5 mph

Minutes 16-18: Run 7mph

Minutes 18-20: Walk 3.0mph

Minutes 20-22: Run 7.5mph

Minutes 22-24: Walk 3.5mph at 8 incline *Increasing the incline will give your muscles the extra push, and will keep your metabolism boosted after your workout to keep oxygen flowing to these big muscles.

Minutes 24-26: Run 6.5mph at 5 incline

Minutes 26-30: Cool down and drop the incline down to 3 and walk at 3.0mph

Vocal Stamina-Boosting Workout

Repeat this circuit three times a week, alternating weight-bearing exercises on your days off. Alternating the types of exercise you do will keep your body guessing, and your weight from plateauing. Once this circuit seems a little too easy, increase your running speed by .5mph and time by one minute for each high intensity interval.

Remember to hydrate!!!

More workouts, recipes, and health tips for the professional vocalist coming up - summer is almost here, so why not get your body in shape while you work out your pipes!


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