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TESTIMONIALFrom our good friend at Sleep Easily:

"Speaking is a central aspect of my occupation, and singing is a passion in my personal life. Two months ago, I got a viral infection in a nerve that feeds one vocal cord. From this, my vocal cord did not move sufficiently, which caused me to suddenly have a very weak voice that had a strong and unpleasant rasp. I could only talk quietly and couldn't sing. I was shocked and very scared.

In my professional life, I needed to create a spoken word recording. I tried, but my voice was too weak and sickly sounding. I canceled the recording and was devastated.

In my personal life, I was scheduled to have the most important singing engagement of my life. I now planned to cancel that and felt devastated.

I saw David Opperman, .M.D., Denver, Director of the Colorado Voice Clinic. Dr. Opperman diagnosed my condition and said the solution was to work with Kathe Perez, Speech Therapist.

In our first two sessions, Kathe presented numerous ingenious exercises and very helpful explanations. In the third session, she shared a few perspectives that created a profound shift in me. This created deep realization in me that led to an instantaneous shift in my voice.

I had my voice back! I had a central aspect of my life back! This brought me to near tears in the session.

I immediately began preparing for my important singing engagement, and I rescheduled my professional spoken word recording session.

I never thought this would be possible. I'm filled with joy and gratitude."

Richard Shane, Ph.D., Founder and Manager
Sleep Easily LLC
Fri, Apr 18, 2014 @ 4:37 PM MDT Posted by
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