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THE OIL PULL FOR SORE OR STREP THROATAlthough the oil pulling fad seems relatively new, it is actually an ancient Ayurvedic Indian tradition. The practice of oil pulling has been used for thousands of years to improve oral and systematic health, treating everything from sore throats and migraines to gum disease and asthma.

Oil pulls are an effective way to naturally remove undigested toxins or “ama” in Ayurvedic medicine, and thereby reducing inflammation and assisting in the elimination of bacteria inside your system that can lead to colds or even strep throat.

Oil pulling is a fantastic daily preventative routine, especially if you are a professional vocalist on tour or work in a profession that requires a great deal of speaking (broadcasters, lawyers, teachers, public speakers).

However, oil pulling is not a medical treatment if you are experiencing any pain in your throat or believe you may have a viral or bacterial infection. If you are experiencing moderate to severe symptoms, visit the ColoradoVoiceClinic.com.

More tips and advice from the Colorado Voice Clinic can be found on the ProfessionalVoiceBlog.com
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