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TIPS FROM THE PROS - AMANDA HAWKINSAmanda Hawkins may be the next big thing to come out of the Mile High City. Still a rising star in the industry, Amanda already has a decade of performing and recording on her impressive resume--which includes cracking the Top 50 on American Idol (2007).

Constant trips to Los Angeles, including studying at the world famous Musician's Institute, have helped propel the songstress's budding career and caught the attention of some major industry players.

We caught up with Amanda to talk about how she cares for her soulful pipes and what she has in store in 2014.

Here's what she had to say:

How long have you been performing and singing?

Amanda- I started singing at the age of 11. I started vocal lessons and ended up jumping into the world of competitions shortly after. From then on I began doing session work for songwriters, performed all over the US, and spent my summers in LA trying to break Into the industry. Since then I've been signed to a label, and recently parted ways with them.

Now I'm working on my next album independently!

What do you do to keep your vocals healthy on show days and non-show days? Or do you?

Amanda - I had to have two separate vocal cord surgeries last summer. Since then Ive taken much better care of my voice, especially on show days.

A facial humidifier is a must in Colorado, but really, it's important to have one if you're traveling or touring--it keeps the cords from drying out. Also, drinking enough water is important. Certain tricks for when I'm sick would be using a Nedi pot, and eating some Lays chips [laughs]. The grease cuts the flem and nastiness.

What do you do for your vocal warm up?

Amanda - I have two different vocal coaches, so my warm ups are all over the place. I can't stress it enough--warming up before a show will make or break your performance.

Any tricks of the trade you can share with us on how you keep your voice healthy?

Amanda - I learned that several things can ruin you're vocal cords. Smoking, drinking, and acid reflux. I try and watch what I eat on days where I have to sing. And even though raging before a show is a blast [laughs] -it really hurts my cords In the long run.

Any news about your music we should know?

Amanda - I'm in the process of a big shift with my music. I'm rebranding and working on music with several different producers.

I hope to have an EP out really soon! You can keep up with the madness at www.amandaHawkins.com
Thu, Sep 11, 2014 @ 2:38 PM MDT Posted by
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