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TIPS FROM THE PROS - SINGER/SONGWRITER TYLER STANFIELD Colorado-based singer/songwriter Tyler Stanfield has been captivating audiences across the region for several years. The soulful vocalist and guitarist has toured the country and impressed fans at some of the biggest music festivals in the country, including Austin's SXSW.

We caught up with Tyler to gain some insight into how he warms up his vocals, stays healthy on the road, and why he doesn't recommend drinking beer before bed (note to touring musicians).

Here is what he had to say:

How long have you been performing?

Tyler- I have been performing since I was a kid-playing guitar and piano mainly. I didn't start really singing until about five years ago.

When I recorded my first album, 'This Place', was when I broke out of my shell as a vocalist. I also sang backup while I was in Lost Point for a few years. Since then I have been doing my solo stuff and some other projects along the way.

What do you do to keep your vocals healthy on show days and non-show days?

Tyler - I try to drink as much water as possible for one thing. Hot tea and honey is a must. Whiskey helps loosen me up right before I go on.

What do you do for your vocal warm up?

Tyler - 'Check check, test'. That's it [laughs].

I do some breathing exercises and some scale stuff to loosen up my throat. I try not to over do it though.

Any tricks of the trade you can share with us on how you keep your voice healthy.

Tyler - I don't know if I'm the best at following my own rules...but hydration is very important.

Always practice. It's just like anything else, you gott'a keep your vocal chords in great shape.

Believe it or not, don't drink beer right before you go to bed. It creeps up and burns your vocal chords while you sleep.

Any news about your music we should know about?

Tyler - I have some solo shows around the country the next couple months. My next show in Denver is on Aug 27th at The Toad Tavern for the Acoustic Circus. I'm working on a new album, and setting up some big shows in Denver with my full band. Keep an eye out.

Thank you for the support.

Keep up with all of Tyler's news, show dates, and new music at Tyler Stanfield.com or Facebook.com/TylerStanfieldMusic.
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