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TIPS FROM THE PROS- CHRIS THOMAS OF OMNIISMColorado vocalist and songwriter Chris Thomas is a staple in the Denver music scene.

Chris’ classic-rock inspired vocals and unique stage presence, along with several stints fronting successful Colorado bands like Spools of Dark Thread and his latest project Omniism, have earned the singer a loyal fan base across the Mile High City.

So how does one of Denver’s most recognizable voices keep his pipes in check? We caught up with Chris in between his long-standing gig booking bands at the legendary Herman's Hideaway and working on his own music to talk about his foray into singing and some of his tricks and tips for warming up his vocals.

How long have you been performing and singing?

Chris Thomas— I have been singing since I was a baby. My mom sang to me and I sang back pretty quickly. I did school plays and choir, then enjoyed writing and performing rock songs in high school. I started taking it more seriously in my mid twenties.

What do you do to keep your vocals healthy on show days and non-show days? Or do you?

Chris—To relaxed my neck or throat muscles, generally I don't do anything. I avoid too much dairy on an important singing day—the myth that dairy is a horrible singer supplement is true for me.

What do you do for your vocal warm up?

Chris— I cover my range briefly, making sure I have the lows and then belt a couple high notes. If it's there, it's there. If not, I do a few scale exercises until it is. Too much warm up can negatively effect my performance, so I prefer minimal warm-up when i can.

Any tricks of the trade you can share with us on how you keep your voice healthy?

Chris--Stay hydrated.
Feel comfortable.
Deep breathing
Supplements like throat coat tea, singer's saving grace, and neem oil are fun little crutches. They DO help though! [laughs]—Only if you're doing 1, 2, and 3.

Any news about your band we should know

Chris—I’m performing with Ever/After next week in Wilmington, DE. Otherwise, I have been writing for the new Omniism record (basically 1/2 finished). The Deftones tribute band I sing for, My Own Summer, has been getting a decent amount of buzz for its minimal activity, which is encouraging. We’ll be doing another show this year, for sure.

Keep up with Chris’s band Omniism at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Omniism/339030370691.
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