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TIPS FROM THE PROS- JACK ROBERTS OF CARAMEL CARMELADenver-based electronic/post-hardcore band Caramel Carmela knows a thing or two about a taxing tour schedule. The emerging five-piece has been on several domestic tours including a recent Midwest run in preparation to record their second full-length album,Till Death Do Us Party.

For the record, scheduled for a Summer 2014 release, the band has teamed up with producer Matt Dalton at 37 Studios in Michigan (Joey Sturgis, Ma$e, Emmure, I See Stars).

We caught up with Caramel Carmela front man Jack Roberts to get a few tips on how he keeps his voice up to par with the band’s schedule and particularly arduous genre for a vocalist.

How long have you been performing and singing?

Jack: I have been singing in this band for almost 6 years. I've had some voice training in high school and college, but all of my performance experience comes from playing with Caramel Carmela. 

What do you do to keep your vocals healthy on show days and non-show days? Or do you?

I pay a lot of attention to my diet on show days. Coffee is a big no—and that one is hard for me. I drink as much water as possible. About 30 minutes before performing, I clear my sinuses with a Neti Pot, which pours this salt water solution up my nose, then I eat a green apple, which I read in a magazine helps round off the top of your voice and keep sustain smooth. Seems to work!

What do you do for your vocal warm up?

Just random loud noises really. Sometimes I'll glide from the bottom of my range to the top.

Any tricks of the trade you can share with us on how you keep your voice healthy.

One really useful trick for me has been cough drops. Because I sing and scream, I'm using my voice in different ways and it can be straining to do that for long periods of time. Having just a little coating of lemon and honey cough drops in my throat provides a little bit of shielding from the way I push my voice. 

Any news about your band we should know

We are most excited about our upcoming record, Till Death Do Us Party, which releases everywhere on August 26th. We traveled to Detroit in January to record it at Metro 37 Studios, who has been credited on records by I See Stars, Ma$e, Emmure, Chiodos and many more. The album explores the versatility in our sound and showcases our growth and maturity as a group. We are really proud of it and can't wait until its out!

Keep up with Caramel Carmela at Facebook.com/CaramelCarmela.
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