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TIPS TO KEEP YOUR VOCAL CHORDS WARM THIS WINTERCold weather season is here. Protect your vocal chords with some of these helpful tips.

1. Wear a scarf to keep the throat and neck warm.

The muscles in the neck surround the larynx which houses the vocal folds. Sudden cold temperatures or walking in cold weather without a scarf causes the body to hunch in an effort to keep warm, causing the muscles in the neck can squeeze inward, hence their name of constrictor muscles. Wearing a scarf also gives you that extra bit of fabric to bring up over your mouth and nose, which warms the air before it reaches your pharynx (throat) and lungs.

2. Breathe only through the nose and out through nose and mouth.

Breathing through your nose warms the air traveling through your vocal folds and adds more moisturize before hitting your larynx and lungs.

3. Stay hydrated

Cold air is typically much more dry than warmer climates or seasons, so you need to drink even more water than usual to stay hydrated. Aim to consume half of your body weight in ounces of water. 100lbs = 50 ounces of water for your daily target.

4. Invest in a humidifier

Heated air from a furnace or fireplace is drier can dry out the air in your home. Any time your environment's humidity is lower than 35% itís too low for singers and very drying to the vocal tract. Using a humidifier is a great way to counter the drying effects of your furnace or fireplace.

5. Drink warm liquids

A warm drink will help warm the areas around the larynx.

6. Acclimate

Acclimate yourself to its surroundings and allow your body, larynx and lungs to get up to temperature.

7. Warm Up Properly

Just like an athlete needs extra time warming up their muscles in cold weather, so does a singer when it comes to warming up your vocals when the temperature dips.

If you need to see vocal doctor or ENT specialist, contact the Colorado Voice Clinic.
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