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TOP ORAC-SCALE ANTIOXIDANT SUPERFOODS TO KEEP YOU HEALTHYWinter is upon us, which means the dreaded cold and flu season. For most of us, a simple cold is just a nuisance, but for a professional vocalist or speaker, that pesky cold can be a serious problem. The best way to get prevent a cold is to keep your immune system healthy and fueled to combat germs and bacteria introduced during these upcoming cold weather months.

A healthy diet packed with these antioxidant-rich super foods is key to keeping your professional voice in peak shape this winter. But how do you know which foods are the best sources of antioxidants? The antioxidant rating or score of a food is ranked by the Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC) of a food. ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity. Researchers at the National Institute of Aging developed ORAC testing as a way to measure the level of antioxidant protection capacity of a product or food. If a product has a high ORAC value, it has the ability to neutralize many free radicals.

The following is a list of the highest rated foods based on the ORAC scale (NutrientRich.com)

1) 1 TBSP of Cocao Powder ORAC 4017

2) 1/2 Cup of Blueberries ORAC 4848

3) 1 Pomegranate ORAC 4950

4) 1 Black Plum ORAC 5003

5) 1 Handful of Pecans ORAC 5086

6) 1 Pear ORAC 5235

7) 1/2 Cup Cranberries ORAC 5271

8) 1 Apple ORAC 5609

9) 1 TSP Cinnamon ORAC 6960

10) 1 Artichoke ORAC11,000

11) 1/2 Cup Goji Berries ORAC18,980

12) 1/2 Cup Acai Berries ORAC 74,780!

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