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When To See An Otolaryngologist The oldest medical specialty in the United States, otolaryngology (more commonly referred to as ENT) is the treatment of medical conditions involving primarily the ear, nose, throat as well as certain cases involving the ENT support structures - the head neck - as well as the sinuses, larynx, and mouth.

When Should You Consult an Otolaryngologist?

If you ever experience problems or have concerns that directly relate to the function of the above mentioned body parts, you should start with an otolaryngologist to get the best diagnosis and treatment plan.

As a guide, here are major specialties that fall under the field of otolaryngology:

  • Allergies, hay fever, sinusitis

  • Throat disorders including (but not limited to) laryngitis, throat pain, difficulty swallowing, tumors, hoarseness, and infections.

  • Functional & Cosmetic Surgery involving the nose (deviated septum, rhinoplasty), mouth (cleft palate), or ears.

  • Acid Reflux (GERD)

  • Cancer of the voice box, noncancerous tumors in the head or neck, or thyroid

  • Lumps in the neck or thyroid.

  • Ear diseases, ear infection, tumors in the ear, never disorders, ear trauma, dizziness (related to ears), hearing problems, ringing in the ears, or swimmer's ear.

  • Developmental disorders or diseases including birth defects relating to the head, neck, cleft palate, or hearing problems *Pediatric Otolaryngology*.

  • Vocal disorders or trauma including vocal polyps, vocal hemorrhages, tumors, nodules, loss of voice, or hoarseness.

  • Sinus or nasal problems including sinusitis, nose bleeds, loss of smell, or allergies.

  • Sleeping disorders including sleep apnea, snoring, or difficulty breathing at night.

  • If you have any questions about treating any of the above mentioned medical issues please contact the Colorado Voice Clinic (if you are a Colorado resident) or your local ENT specialist.
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