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I've now had two surgeries with dr. Opperman. He is AMAZING. For my tonsillectomy he was great and caring. My recovery was as expected and fast. For my septoplasty, my recovery was amazing!!! Not only was the staff that worked with him amazing, he was too! My check ups have been the most annoying part but he makes them a pleasure!! Dr. Opperman is a bad a**!!! I can't tell you enough how grateful I am to have him as my surgeon!!! I haven't been sick in the longest time (went from once a month and three hospitalizations a year to maybe a cold) due to my tonsils being gone. Now I can finally breathe and do cardio and sleep and not snore and smell and get bad allergies (hahaha) and the list goes on! This guy is amazing!Stephanie Ann
I've had a stuffy nose forever and it finally got so bad I couldn't sleep, taste anything, and constantly blowing my nose. I finally went on line to look for ENT's and Dr. Opperman's clinic came up.

I used Zoc Doc (great scheduler BTW) and got in the same day, saw Dr. Opperman after only waiting 15 minutes or so. He asked me a lot of questions, did the normal nasal exam and then he put a camera up my nose and had me diagnosed that day. I apparently had nose trauma (a bop to the nose) when I was a kid and had very damaged turbinates to where my left side was closed 80% and my right 50%. Surgery was the answer. I got in within 2 weeks of seeing Dr. Opperman at Porter Hospital. What a great hospital, staff, everything. My experience was great, Dr. Opperman did a fantastic job and I can breathe!

You have no idea how wonderful this is. His assistant in front Pam was super helpful as well as his hospital scheduler Jane. My experience was incredible and my advice, if you have nasal issues, please go see Dr. Opperman.

Very impressive.
What do I think of the clinic...............it is absolutely the bomb....gave me back my voice and for that I am eternally grateful - Jerry F
Didn't know what I was getting into. Recently got insurance and my "sucking at breathing" was becoming more and more exposed as I got into my 30s. Dr. Opperman knew right away I had a pretty bad deviated septum. CT-scan confirmed what his experience already told him and I just had my surgery today. I can already tell the difference it made in my breathing, but of course only time will tell. However, without asking, Doc called my mom and sister back in Florida personally. I was extremely impressed to find this out throughout the day. As long as I remain in Colorado I have found an ENT for life. - Justin M.
Dr.Opperman is the greatest Dr. I have ever had for an ENT he has saved my life and he's not finished with me yet. -Larry J
As a singer who puts all his passion in to it and cares deeply about my voice and the way it affects people, i couldn't have asked for a better experience or a better person to take care of me. Dr. Opperman does the same with his career, he cares, deeply about the health and welfare of his clients, their careers, their physical well being, and most importantly them as a person. Going in to get a voice exam and receiving less than great news is scary for a singer. But Dr. Dave Opperman had a way at putting my mind at ease and truly giving me all the tools for success to heal myself and get back to what i love doing. Without his advice, expertise, and genuine friendship i don't know where my voice or my career would be right now. But i do know it wouldn't exist. He kept me and my passion alive and for that i will forever be eternally grateful. If you're a singer and need care, i only recommend the Colorado Voice Clinic! No other place on the plane will you feel safe and secure when being taken care of in what can be some of the scariest moments for a singer life dealing with voice issues! - Jonathan Lee (Novus Folium)
To Dr Opperman for surprising me (or trying to at least!) by flying in for the show. For guiding me through the rough patches and convincing me I would definitely sing at the show! You are an amazing guy!!
From our good friend at Sleep Easily:

"Speaking is a central aspect of my occupation, and singing is a passion in my personal life. Two months ago, I got a viral infection in a nerve that feeds one vocal cord. From this, my vocal cord did not move sufficiently, which caused me to suddenly have a very weak voice that had a strong and unpleasant rasp. I could only talk quietly and couldn't sing. I was shocked and very scared.

In my professional life, I needed to create a spoken word recording. I tried, but my voice was too weak and sickly sounding. I canceled the recording and was devastated.

In my personal life, I was scheduled to have the most important singing engagement of my life. I now planned to cancel that and felt devastated.

I saw David Opperman, .M.D., Denver, Director of the Colorado Voice Clinic. Dr. Opperman diagnosed my condition and said the solution was to work with Kathe Perez, Speech Therapist.

In our first two sessions, Kathe presented numerous ingenious exercises and very helpful explanations. In the third session, she shared a few perspectives that created a profound shift in me. This created deep realization in me that led to an instantaneous shift in my voice.

I had my voice back! I had a central aspect of my life back! This brought me to near tears in the session.

I immediately began preparing for my important singing engagement, and I rescheduled my professional spoken word recording session.

I never thought this would be possible. I'm filled with joy and gratitude."

Richard Shane, Ph.D., Founder and Manager
Sleep Easily LLC
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