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Professional Voice Care

Top professions at risk for vocal trauma: 


  • Lawyers

  • Broadcasters 

  • Actors 

  • Public Speakers 

  • Politicians 

  • Teachers 

  • Singers 


We know you rely on your voice.

We can assist you with proper vocal techniques, treating and preventing vocal traumas, vocal surgeries, surgical rehabilitation, and high-performance voice training.


We understand that as a voice professional, your concerns may be different from someone who doesn't rely on their voice for their career, and we'll take into account your unique needs.  

Thank you for recommending Dr. David Opperman! During his exam of my throat and vocal cords he found severe damage done by a  corrosive medication I was taking for osteoporosis. I have been to a few other physicians and have undergone GI studies to figure out why I've been feeling ill for a couple of years. No one ever suggested it could be from that medication. What led me to Dr. O was nagging vocal problems and losing my voice after rehearsals and performances. Turns out my larynx was being damaged because of acid reflux. It was silent. I didn't know I was having it, but boy, it sure showed up during his exam.  I only wish I had gone to him sooner. He has probably saved my singing voice!

- Evelyn Bruxvoort

Healing vocal cords with Botox

In this video, hear how Dr. Opperman used Botox to relax and heal a young singer's vocal cords.

Put Your Best Voice Forward

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