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Put Your Best Voice Forward

Whether you are seeking to find what's wrong, breathe better, change your sound, or get reconstruction after trauma, we can help. 

Don't let ear, nose, or throat traumas get in the way of your career or your life. 

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David A. Opperman, M.D.

Dr. Opperman is a well-known, hyper-specialized ear, nose and throat physician. He often works with musicians, actors, lawyers and professionals who use their voice for a living.


Vocal polyps, vocal hemorrhages, tumors, nodules, loss of voice, hoarseness, spasmodic dysphonia


Laryngitis, throat pain, difficulty swallowing, tumors, hoarseness, infections


Ear infection, tumors in the ear, ear trauma, hearing problems, ringing in the ears, swimmer's ear​


Sinusitis, nose bleeds, loss of smell, or allergies

Areas We Care For:


Sleep apnea, snoring, or difficulty breathing at night


Birth defects relating to the head/neck, cleft palate, hearing problems, deviated septum


Vocal cord surgery, voice therapy


Acid reflux, cancer of the voice box, lumps in the head, neck, or thyroid

After much experimentation with eardrops, creams, and hypotheses, two excellent doctors, Dr. Buzz Reifman and Dr. David Opperman, persuaded me to visit their clinic in Denver, specializing in the Care of the Professional Voice, but also a musician's ear, nose, and throat problems. Both ears were badly infected, aggravated by wearing the in-ear monitors onstage, and perhaps by wearing earplugs on the motorcycle, too much heat and moisture create a rainforest environment for bacteria, fungus, eczema, and psoriasis. The doctors prescribed a heavy regimen of three different antibiotics, and recommended that I switch to headphones (and no earplugs on the bike, but its Cee Bailey windscreen is pretty quiet). Within a few days, they had given me back two reasonably healthy ears. Never again will I take for granted simply hearing what I'm playing, what the other guys are playing, and in everyday life what people are saying to me.

-Neil Peart (Rush)

In His Own Words

In this video, hear from Dr. Opperman about how where his passion started and why he continues in laryngology and otorhinolaryngology.

What To Expect

We'll walk with you through the process.


Schedule a time to come see us. We'll discuss what you're experiencing and then go through your options for care. 


Your treatment or care will be customized to you. 


Most forms of care involve some sort of recovery. This allows the body to heal so you can get back to your life as quickly as possible.

Put Your Best Voice Forward

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