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More Beneficial Than Water? How to stay hydrated with these water-logged superfoods

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

It is drilled into our brains from an early age - 'Drink your eight glasses of water a day!'. But as easy as this sounds, sometimes downing those eight glasses can feel like torture.

Have no fear, water-haters... You can help reach your goals in other, tastier ways. In fact, some of these superfoods are a better way to hydrate than water itself!

Now, you shouldn't ditch good old-fashioned H2O completely, but to help make sure your body and professional voice stays well hydrated, try some of these water-logged and nutrient-rich fruits and veggies.


Summer isn't over yet! This warm weather fruit is full of water - nearly 92%!

Watermelon can even be more beneficial than water if you need to hydrate. According to a 2009 study by the University of Aberdeen Medical School, watermelons and cucumbers can hydrate nearly twice as effectively as pure water due to the high quantity of natural sugars, amino acids, vitamins and mineral salts - all of which need to be replaced after strenuous workouts or from sweating.


With a whopping 95% water, zucchini are a year-round power vegetable when if comes to hydration, and just like other green vegetables, the high fiber content in combination with high amounts of vitamin C, potassium, folate and vitamin A are all beneficial to your health.

For those of you who are concerned with asthma, this is one natural way to boost your vitamin C intake and help reduce inflammation in your respiratory system.


One of our favorites at 96% water content! This refreshing vegetable is famous for its anti inflammatory properties, which is why you often see it applied directly to the eyes during spa treatments. Those same anti inflammatory properties can also be beneficial to your throat and respiratory system - which is why infusing your water with cucumber or simply eating cucumber on its own is an excellent way to replenish your body's H2O levels whilst also getting a boost of antioxidants.


The most popular melon in the USA, the cantaloupe is also one of the best choices we can make for hydrating and replacing valuable vitamins and minerals lost during exercise. With 90% water content and immune-boosting properties from healthy amounts of vitamin C and beta-carotene, cantaloupes are an excellent way to not only keep your body hydrated and professional voice lubricated - but this fruit can help fight off cold and flu bugs as we approach fall and winter.


As if peaches couldn't get any better, this delicious summer fruit has a thirst-quenching 88% water content by volume - and can be consumed in an infinite number of ways! Grilled peaches with your summer BBQ dinner can be an excellent way to help hydrate your body after a day in the heat!


Ranking high on the list with 95% water content, celery is a delicious and low-calorie snack that can help your body hydrate year-round. Another reason we love celery is for its high fiber content, which will make you feel full and less likely to reach for snacks that are high in fat or salt - both big no-no's for your overall health and professional voice health.


Often overlooked, the spicy little radish packs more than a flavor punch. Coming in at 95% water, radishes are another hydrating superfood. What we also like about radishes - in addition to that delicious peppery taste - are the many health benefits that accompany this cute little salad garnish.

If you are able to put down 100g of radishes (about 10), you'll get 25% of your daily vitamin C intake - which we all know can help fight cancer-causing free radicals and boost our immune systems.

Radishes also contain a decent amount of fiber, which can help aid in digestion by preventing bloating and aiding constipation. Radishes help break down toxins in the body and can also relieve respiratory disorders or a sore throat. Yes, for our professional vocalists, the radish's anti-congestive properties can help with the symptoms of bronchitis and asthma by decreasing congestion and helping clear mucus in the throat.

So if you are having trouble throwing back your eight-a-day, try adding some of these delicious and healthy fruits and veggies to your diet. This goes for all of you busy professionals like singers, actors, teachers, politicians and lawyers who may struggle the most to stay hydrated (we know that those six cups of coffee a day aren't doing you any favors!).

If you want to learn more about how to keep your professional voice healthy, give us a call at 303-844-3000 to schedule a consultation.


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